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Crazy Night - Performed by Chas Evans & Band
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I Don't Want - Performed by Chas Evans
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Why - Performed by Holly Sims
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Never Give Up - Performed by Chas Evans
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From a Distance - Performed by Chas Evans
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Crazy night

Thought I would see the light

Kept focused, keep everything in sight

Everything went right, everything just went right


Finally made it, in front of your house

Tried to drive careful, did my best

You came out, wearing your favorite blouse

How did I do, did I beat your test

Reach out and pick up the phone

we both know, our hearts are not on loan

It wasn’t me who throw the first stone

So let’s get together and change the tone


My plane leaves at half past eight

I will be in the terminal, I will sit and wait

I will remember, you said you loved our first date

You said never us part, you are my long life mate

I see you on the road, wind blowing your long brown hair
I see your smile with your arms out, oh so fair
I stopped and listened, you said come if you dare
we said to each other, no regrets, no despair

I am driving away and my heart feels so heavy
I drive away slowly just passing the levy
I drive away for just a few moments in my old blue Chevy
I had to turn and come back, oh my heart feels so heavy

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